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Dr. Joe Boggs

As a chiropractor I strive to find the best in those that I take care of.  By adjusting the spine and allowing the Nerve System to flourish and heal the body, I believed I was doing exactly what needed to be done.  However, I also realize that there are factors that determine overall health.  These are an optimally functioning nerve supply, healthy nutrients, exercise, sleep, water and positive outlook.  I was addressing the key component in my office but missing out on the necessary nutrients that the body needs to thrive.  I looked into Isagenix and was skeptical at first.  I thought, “It’s too good to be true”.  However, I decided to try it and see what happened.  Amazing is the only word I can use.  After the first 9 days I had lost 14 lbs and felt fantastic.  Then, the people in my practice were immediately noticing the changes I was making and wanted to get started.  They too were feeling better every day after starting Isagenix.  They wanted to exercise more, slept better, drank more water and had a better outlook on life.  That is a win for everybody.  I have been incorporating Isagenix into my daily routine now for 3 months and will not turn back.  I have lost 30 lbs and gained muscle.  This is the real deal.​ 

Timothy Harlow

Conway, SC

"After 4 years of religiously doing P90X my strength was going through the roof but my energy level was at an all time low and I was getting FATTER! Thank goodness Jennifer Trinkner made me seriously contemplate that it might really be 80% nutrition/20% excercise. In my first week I realized relief from achy joints and started sleeping soundly! The fat followed. In 30 days I dropped 24 pounds/20 inches and my energy was through the roof. After 7 months on the program I have decreased my body fat by 1/4 close to 80 pounds of fat after you take into account the body fat/lean muscle mass exchange. I am healthier at age 40 then I was at age 20 and look forward to every day for new accomplishments!"

Lindsey & Kawain

I was introduced to this nutritional program by Wendy. K and I researched, asked questions and were beyond skeptical as expected, but we had neglected our nutrition and health for so long that we had absolutely zero to lose in committing to it. We are SO glad we made that difficult decision that day…our energy levels have soared, the weight and results keep on keeping on, all the while we don't miss a thing about that past life! We started on 3/10/14 and we just hit our 60 day mark on May 10th. I have lost 24 lbs. and more importantly 44 inches. K has lost an amazing 39 lbs and 44 inches. I am so excited to continue this journey. I have never felt this good losing weight and getting back into shape. We have no one to thank but Wendy’s motivation and assistance, and most importantly the amazing products that have changed our entire outlook. This is truly a lifestyle change that involves a well balanced approach at eating and for us, exercising. Thank you to my partner, Kawain, for his continued motivation…we have a ways to go but are on our way  xo

Joel Frenette

My name is Joel Frenette and I was in 'fair' shape, but wanted more energy because I was tired of being exhausted at the end of my 9am to 7pm shifts at work. I was relying heavily on coffee to get me through the day, so I was really, really skeptical that quitting coffee, drinking more water, and doing "shakes" and this other "Isagenix stuff" would work... Well, I started November 1st, 2014 ... And I did have 3 days of withdrawals symptoms from headaches to general aches and pains, but I was determined to give this a real effort and stick to my guns for the whole 30 days. I am glad I did!!! By the third day, I was waking up fresher than ever, like really focused and with mental clarity I had not had before, and I have been feeling wonderful ever since... and as a side-effect, I lost just over 10 lbs in 30 days. Thanks Shelby Frenette and Casey Plouffe for showing me this wonderful system!

Tina and Chris

Hi Isa-Family! I am filled with all types of emotions as I reflect back on how far my Partner and I have come...6 months ago, we were both at our most "unhealthy" state. Although we both worked out and tried to stay active, it didn't matter, as we were poisoning our bodies and lacked proper nutrition. It was not until mid/end March that we started our Isa-Journey together.What a BIG difference just 4 months make! Our Before and After Pix speak for itself. Chris has lost about 20-25 pounds and I have lost 24-26 pounds! The greatest thing is that we have never felt this healthy, energized, strong, confident, food conscious and happy in a very long time.There will be those who doubt you, (including your own self), there will be endless factors to sway you the other way, ie excuses, temptations, negativity, skepticism, alcohol, work, parties, events, & of course, $$. But at the end of the day, none of those matter. It's your LIFE, find your PURPOSE. The results are life-changing and so rewarding!The products are bullet-proof and will not fail you. It's even better when you have the support of your partner. A Couple that works-out Together, and commits to Isa Together, Stays Together!

Sarah & Zack

Columbia South Carolina


I started weight training to get healthier but also because I saw my husband mentally and physically changing in a great way.  I’ve been weight training for about 2 years now. This past year I’ve really stepped up the intensity of my training. However even though I was more muscular than I used to be I still felt like my arms and legs just looked big.  I started using Isagenix products and within a few weeks, not even my 30 day mark, I started noticing the leanness and muscle striations in my arms abs and legs! What’s great is other people were noticing too! I didn’t change my work out plan or what I was eating I simply substituted a shake for breakfast.  In combination of the high quality protein my body is now absorbing at a higher rate and the energy I get from Ionix, Want More Energy and all the other products I feel amazing inside and out!



My health and wellness journey started in earnest three years ago. I was always the skinny guy who was self-conscious about his appearance. I had not found my identity and I wasn’t comfortable with myself until I started putting in a lot of work in the gym and in the kitchen. The hard work has paid off physically and most of all, mentally and emotionally. My personality that hid deep inside me has fully blossomed, and I’ve become the self-confident guy I’ve always wanted to be. I am less than 2 months into the Isagenix system but I am completely convinced of its ultra-high quality organic nutritional benefits. Within the first 5 days my natural energy levels soared and I no longer needed frequent caffeine breaks throughout my day. The most noticeable difference was my body fat reduction. Within one month and only one cleanse day I dropped from 9% to 7% body fat and currently maintain this body fat percentage without having to starve or deprive myself! I am just over the moon excited about Isagenix and its cellular cleansing system! 

Jason Markby

I joined Isagenix for weight loss in November 2013 and soon thereafter I was amazed at how effective the products were and how easy the whole system was to incorporate into my lifestyle. After about a week I started feeling much more rested in the morning. The increase in energy I experienced helped me eliminate all soft drinks from my lifestyle and eventually my stomach issues went away. Most importantly, with this system, and the people and culture within Isagenix have c...reated an environment where I can thrive! I've been encouraged by becoming actively involved in local and regional events soon after I was enrolled. I try to learn all I can and to meet other Isagenix team members and product users. I believe there is great power and possibility that can be unlocked when we each share our life's stories. Your story of trial and perseverance can be the one that helps another find new hope, new strength and new LIFE!

Russ Padgett

Saluda, South Carolina

Before I started Isagenix, I was constantly exhausted. I felt like I had no energy at all and I was bigger than I had ever been. No matter what I ate, I had constant heartburn and GI issues! I knew I needed to make a change in my health but I didn't know how! Then, I was introduced to Isagenix. I feel like my world has changed! I have more energy than I did in high school! I've lost 30 pounds and over 15 inches in 30 days AND I haven't had any heartburn or GI issues while on the system! This was everything I needed and never knew.

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