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Timothy Harlow

Conway, SC

"After 4 years of religiously doing P90X my strength was going through the roof but my energy level was at an all time low and I was getting FATTER! Thank goodness Jennifer Trinkner made me seriously contemplate that it might really be 80% nutrition/20% excercise. In my first week I realized relief from achy joints and started sleeping soundly! The fat followed. In 30 days I dropped 24 pounds/20 inches and my energy was through the roof. After 7 months on the program I have decreased my body fat by 1/4 close to 80 pounds of fat after you take into account the body fat/lean muscle mass exchange. I am healthier at age 40 then I was at age 20 and look forward to every day for new accomplishments!"

Sarah & Zack

Columbia South Carolina


I started weight training to get healthier but also because I saw my husband mentally and physically changing in a great way.  I’ve been weight training for about 2 years now. This past year I’ve really stepped up the intensity of my training. However even though I was more muscular than I used to be I still felt like my arms and legs just looked big.  I started using Isagenix products and within a few weeks, not even my 30 day mark, I started noticing the leanness and muscle striations in my arms abs and legs! What’s great is other people were noticing too! I didn’t change my work out plan or what I was eating I simply substituted a shake for breakfast.  In combination of the high quality protein my body is now absorbing at a higher rate and the energy I get from Ionix, Want More Energy and all the other products I feel amazing inside and out!



My health and wellness journey started in earnest three years ago. I was always the skinny guy who was self-conscious about his appearance. I had not found my identity and I wasn’t comfortable with myself until I started putting in a lot of work in the gym and in the kitchen. The hard work has paid off physically and most of all, mentally and emotionally. My personality that hid deep inside me has fully blossomed, and I’ve become the self-confident guy I’ve always wanted to be. I am less than 2 months into the Isagenix system but I am completely convinced of its ultra-high quality organic nutritional benefits. Within the first 5 days my natural energy levels soared and I no longer needed frequent caffeine breaks throughout my day. The most noticeable difference was my body fat reduction. Within one month and only one cleanse day I dropped from 9% to 7% body fat and currently maintain this body fat percentage without having to starve or deprive myself! I am just over the moon excited about Isagenix and its cellular cleansing system! 


Waldorf, MD

"I have been using the 5 pillars of health for almost a year and have to say I DID NOT expect for Isagenix to do THIS body any good! I have several stomach sensitivities that kept me from thinking outside the box of the "clean" supplements I was on. Not only is my recovery time almost non-existent, but I've achieved new levels of fitness I could have never imagined after having two kiddos. The results speak for themselves. It can't be "hype" when so many people are getting healthier safely and quickly."

Susanne Zavelle

As a 47 year-old Top-3 National level competitor in the NPC, I can’t afford to make mistakes with my nutrition. My body demands the best that I can possibly give it. I searched far and wide for a system of products that would give me REAL clean energy and the best source of protein that money could buy. After making the switch to this cellular cleansing process I felt an incredible difference in my body. My muscle recovery improved dramatically, allowing me to work out more often and more efficiently. I’ve able to lift more weight than ever before, adding more lean mass in a short period of time and stay lean year-round. The energy I feel is unparalleled and I’m completely off all caffeine. I sleep like a baby and wake up so full of energy. My competition prep has been the EASIEST and least stressful of any method I have previously tried. Best of all, because my body fat stays low, I am not having to do long cardio sessions in the weeks leading up to my show and I don’t do any kind of peak-week diet whatsoever. Using Isagenix allows me to maintain my physique very easily and I have never felt better in my entire life. At my first National show in July 2014, the NPC Masters Nationals, I placed 3rd in my height class. I then returned to the National stage in August 2014 at the North American National Championships, placing 2nd in my class. My next show is the Arnold International Classic in March 2015, where I have been selected to represent the USA in the Bikini Amateur Open. I owe my success to Isagenix!

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